Miss Sing Song audities

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Oi Mundo casting zoekt jongeren in de leeftijd van 14 t/m 19 jaar voor nieuwe speelfilm. Wij zijn in het bijzonder op zoek naar : een meisje van Surinaamse afkomst in de leeftijd van 14 – 16 jaar die goed kan zingen en een jongen in de leeftijd van 15 – 19 jaar die gitaar…

The Paradise Suite as the Dutch entry for the Oscars 2016!

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The raved about film now is in competition to be nominated for the Oscars! With its international cast and the mesmerizing story it has gotten the attention that it deserves from the Dutch film critics, as well as the internationals. Fingers crossed people! We’ll keep you updated!

NFF: the Audience choices!

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Besides the infamous awarding of the Golden Calves, there is also a special list that shows the audience’s preferences. A lot of new movies premier at the festival and do not get the chance to be nominated yet. Amongst which is The Paradise Suite that definitely caught the public’s attention, making it to third place!…

Ariane Schluter wins Best Actress for Television Drama

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In our opinion it was undeniable how great Ariane Schluter portrayed the role of Helen in A Good Life, and the jury agreed with us! During the Gala on October 2nd, she got awarded the Golden Calf for Best Actress in a Television Drama. Congratulations Ariane, you very much deserved this!

Cake and Boys nominated for the Emmy Kids Award!

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We are happy to announce that, with two other Dutch productions, Cake (a.k.a. Taart) and Boys (a.k.a. Jongens) are nominated for an Emmy Kids Award! Cake is a nominee for the category Best TV Series. The series tells the story of the eight-year-old Kadir who wants to make his father happy again after losing his…

Successful Premier of The Great Zwaen at NFF’15

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On September 26th The Great Zwaen (a.k.a. De Grote Zwaen) had its big premier and ever since the great reviews kept on coming. The second feature film of Max Porcelijn is a neo-noir crime comedy, set in the 90s. Peter van de Witte plays the not so successful author G.F. Zwaen. His latest novel had…

Hollands Hope up for season 2!

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After the success that the first season brought, it was only a matter of time before a second season would come around. And yes, in 2016 it will finally happen! The drama surrounding the family of Fokke (Marcel Hensema) continues with all the characters we know and love (at least those who survived the first…

ONS: Patagonia – Wildflowers – A Good Life

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The three One Night Stand productions that we casted for are featured at Netherlands Film Festival this year! Patagonia is a beautifully told story about a young couple that’s been traveling Europe for years with their 5-year-old son. Driven by adventure and hungry for the unknown they are trying to reach their ultimate destination: Patagonia….

The Paradise Suite in Toronto!

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This is a special one: The Paradise Suite has not only been selected for Netherlands Film Festival – amongst others -, but also for the Toronto International Film Festival! An international cast, supported by some of Netherlands’s finest actors, a shockingly realistic story and a brilliant director are the ingredients for an amazing film. The…

2 Golden Calf nominations for Between 10 and 12!

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Not only did screenwriter Peter Hoogendoorn get nominated for Best Script, but also actress Elise van ‘t Laar is in the race for that sought-after golden statue for Best Supporting Actress. Her character gets unintentionally included in the drama of others. Despite the fact it’s not her drama to begin with, she suddenly becomes part…

Zurich is up for 4 Golden Calfs!

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In the departments Music, Camera, Editing and Best Actress, Zurich has been nominated for a Golden Calf: 4 nominations! The film is amazing and Wende Snijders excels in the lead role of Nina. In our opinion every department is fairly nominated for that beloved award. Good luck to Wende and the crew of Zurich!  

J. Kessels premiers as the opening film of the NFF!

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The NFF (Dutch Film Festival) is almost here and we are very proud to announce that J. Kessels will be the opening film on the 23th of September! This movie had been a lot of fun to cast and we have heard so many good stories from the set and post-production, that we are amped…

Nearing premier Snow White (a.k.a. Sneeuwwitje)

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The casting has been long done, the rehearsals will almost start and the premier date is nearing: on September 27 the NNT will mount the stage! Instead of the conventional fairy tale we all know and love, director Ko van den Bosch compels the audience with a different view on that beautiful, innocent Snow White….

Zurich well received (inter)nationally

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After premiering at the Berlinale and winning the CICAE Art Cinema Award, Zurich has been the talk of the arthouse town. Wende Snijders has been praised for her convincing take on the lead role of Nina, surprising people with her acting debut. Filmtotaal calls Snijders “incisively” and “a perfect fit for the part’”, which has…

Borgen: binge watching in the theatres

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The roles have been casted, the press has been informed: Borgen is coming to the Dutch theatres! The NNT will perform the first ever theatrical adaption of the popular Danish series. With Borgen, written by Adam Price, we can finally take our binge watching to the theatres, since it will be shown as a 10-hour…

J. Kessels in post-production

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Erik de Bruyn’s new movie J. Kessels has already transitioned into the post-production after a tough and cold filming process, according to lead actor Frank Lammers: “J. Kessels is gonna kill me.” This comedic roadmovie is about two young 50ers, J. Kessels(Frank Lammers) and Frans (Fedja     van Huêt), whose lives revolve mainly around…

Between 10 and 12 premiers on March 26!

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The casting has ended a long time ago and now it’s finally here: the premier of Between 10 and 12 (a.k.a. Tussen 10 en 12)! The life of Mike (Ko Zandvliet) is turned upside-down when two police officers show up at his house. With his girlfriend Katja (Elise van ‘t Laar), they start driving, looking for his…

Intruder wins Grand Prize at First Time Fest in New York

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INTRUDER (a.k.a. Infiltrant) is the big winner of the First Time Fest in New York! The film not only won the Grand Prize for Best Film but also director Shariff Korver got awarded for Best Director.               Intruder tells the story of the young police officer Sam, played by Nasrdin Dchar, who is asked to…

It’s raining Golden Calfs!

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So many great films were shown at this years NFF (Dutch Film Festival). Congratulations to all the winners! We are especially proud of the winning productions that we had the honor to have worked on: Hollands Hope, Boys and Nena! The telefilm Boys (a.k.a. Jongens) won not one, but two Golden Calfs! Not only did Mischa Kamp…

WOLF by Jim Taihuttu – TRAILER OUT NOW

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WOLF, the new Habbekrats film by Jim Taihuttu, will be released in Dutch theatres on September 19, 2013 The gritty crime thriller gives a look inside the world of a new generation of hard criminals that is increasingly present in the big cities of Europe. In WOLF the worlds of kickboxing and organised crime collide.


Vincent Bal’s ‘Zigzag Kid’ Wins European Young Audience Award

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The Zigzag Kid by Vincent Bal has won the European Young Audience Award after 12-to-14-year-olds from nine European countries casted their vote for one of the three nominated youth films. Based on a novel by David Grossman, the film centers on 13 year-old Nono who meets master-burglar Felix on a train and makes discoveries about…

Golden Calf-winner Nasrdin Dchar to play lead role in new movie THE INFILTRATOR (DE INFILTRANT)

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Nasrdin Dchar (Rabat, Tirza, Süskind) will play the lead role of undercover police officer Zahid in THE INFILTRATOR. Zahid was born in Holland as son of a Moroccan father and a Dutch mother. After graduating from the Police Academy, he now gravely desires appreciation from his police force. By infiltrating in a Moroccan drugs family…

The Zigzag Kid by Vincent Bal nominated for the EFA Young Audience Award 2013

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On Young Audience Film Day on 5 May, the Zigzag Kid, one of three nominated films will be screened to a audience (12 – 14 year-olds) in Copenhagen (Denmark), Erfurt (Germany), Izola (Slovenia), London (UK), Sofia (Bulgaria), Turin (Italy), Valletta (Malta) and Wroclaw (Poland). And it is the young audience that will act as a…

JEROEN WILLEMS ( 1962 – 2012 )

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Lieve Jeroen,   Bedankt voor alles! Het was een eer om met je te mogen werken. We denken aan je en zullen je missen…  

Kauwboy wins the European Film Academy Discovery Award – Prix Fipresci

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Kauwboy, a coming-of-age tale from director Boudewijn Koole, will represent the Netherlands in the race for the 2013 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.The drama is Koole’s directorial debut. Kauwboy premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival, where it won the Best First Feature and Best Youth Film honors.The plot follows Jojo,a 10-year-old boy whose mother…


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After being rewarded with the prestigious prize of the International Federation of Film Critics  ( FIPRESCI) in the Forum’s programme of the Berlinale, Hemel is now again rewarded with a Golden Calf for Best actress during the annual Dutch Film Festival Ceremony. A big congrats to Hannah Hoekstra!


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Plan C wins 2 Golden Calf awards during the Award ceremony of the annual Dutch Film Festival :
 Best Screenplay (Max Porcelijn), Best supporting actor (Rene van’t Hof)