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Celebrating talent.

Changing Faces.

Unlocking potential.

We’re an agency who cast for award-winning film, television drama and commercials in the Netherlands and abroad.

But we like to think we’re a little bit different. We find professional actors and provide street casting, as well as unearthing special hidden talent. We coach those with little or no experience into great screen talent.  It’s one of many reasons why leading directors come to us.

Before cameras roll, we interpret first scripts and help take that vision into reality. For us it’s more than just looking further, or choosing well, it’s about being able to take performances to a higher level.

Plus, we think it’s about time we changed the rules a bit. By making our castings that little bit more welcoming, it means we’re always pleased to see new talent, and by doing so, we hope you’re always pleased to see us.

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