The Paradise Suite in Toronto!

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This is a special one: The Paradise Suite has not only been selected for Netherlands Film Festival – amongst others -, but also for the Toronto International Film Festival! An international cast, supported by some of Netherlands’s finest actors, a shockingly realistic story and a brilliant director are the ingredients for an amazing film.

paradise suite YAYA_PraysOnRoof-850x345

The Paradise Suite is about six strangers who have one thing in common: they are all foreigners coming to The Netherlands to find their luck here. Love and friendship binds them together through the rough patches that they encounter and sometimes with just one single glance, they influence each other’s lives. The captivating, mosaic story goes accompanied by goose bumps that will not leave your skin until the end of the movie. We congratulate director Joost van Ginkel on his second feature film. We cannot wait to see The Paradise Suite on the big screen!

The Paradise Suite will be in Dutch theatres from the 29th of October 2015!

Paradise Suite 4

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