It’s raining Golden Calfs!

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So many great films were shown at this years NFF (Dutch Film Festival). Congratulations to all the winners! We are especially proud of the winning productions that we had the honor to have worked on: Hollands Hope, Boys and Nena!

The telefilm Boys (a.k.a. Jongens) won not one, but two Golden Calfs! Not only d19592id Mischa Kamp win the Award of the Dutch Film Critics (a.k.a. Prijs van de Nederlandse Filmkritiek), but also Ton Kas was handed that desired golden statue for Best Supporting Actor. His take on the father-role was both moving and relatable.

Coming-of-19647age film Nena also went home with two awards: Saskia Diesing was praised for her amazing directorial work and won Best Director. The 20-year-old Abbey Hoes, who portrayed the scarred Nena convincingly with an impressive range of emotions, received a well-deserved Golden Calf for Best Actress.



And as for television, our much-praised TV series Hollands Hope (a.k.a. Hollands Hoop) can officially call itself Best TV-drama! A big congrats to creators Dana Nechushtan and Franky Ribbens!animaatjes-hollands-hoop-351443

We’re already excited to watch next year’s nominees!

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