Nearing premier Snow White (a.k.a. Sneeuwwitje)

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The casting has been long done, the rehearsals will almost start and the premier date is nearing: on September 27 the NNT will mount the stage!

Campagnebeeld-Sneeuwwitje_3-1Instead of the conventional fairy tale we all know and love, director Ko van den Bosch compels the audience with a different view on that beautiful, innocent Snow White. What will happen to that girl if she’d wake up in present day? Can she live up to that idealized image she’s known for? Or will she choose a completely different path? What does she want and who does she want to be?

Charlie Dagelet will play the lead role of Snow White, while Tamar van den Dop will channel her dark side portraying the Evil Step Mom. Davey Bakker, Daan van Bendegem, Bram van der Heijden, Sofiko Nachkebiya, Igor Podsiadly and Peter Vandemeulebroecke, amongst others, will complete the cast of this anti-fairy tale.

We are very excited to see a different side of Snow White from the NNT in a unique collaboration with dance group Club Guy & Roni! Get your tickets quickly, because they sell out fast!  order here



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